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Small Square Paintings

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SET OF 9 Wall Squares  can be hung in any direction to make your own unique wall art.  Can be purchased individually, as a set or can mix and match between sets.

Each painting is 5" x 5" x 2" 

Each wall square is $125.  Set of 9 as shown $1,125.00.

I love to paint abstracts, going beyond what is seen or real. I always try to leave room for the viewer to relate in their unique way and determine their own interpretation for the painting.  Also inspired by the beauty of nature, I allow shapes and colors to interact in ways that are spontaneous and joyful. Through both conscious and unconscious decisions, and an ongoing process of addition and subtraction, I let the painting evolve until it evokes a harmonious sense of God's peace. 

Using layers upon layers of acrylic paints, pastels, charcoal, graphite and other media, rich textures and expressive surfaces are created. Through a process of building layers, mark making, erasure and rebuilding, the resulting imagery is often ambiguous, challenging the viewer to find their own meaning and interpretation of the the work. 

These are  original one of a kind paintings by Judi Bagnato.

Painting is sealed with a UV varnish for archival color stabiity which protects from sunlight and also provides a beautiful vibrant finish.

Will be wired and ready to hang.

For homeowners or interior designers looking for a custom-made painting in a particular color scheme, we welcome commissioned art requests. Contact us to discuss your project.



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