I feel honored and blessed to have been able to work with wonderful art collectors and interior designers and I cherish our relationships. Below are some testimonials I have received for my Original Paintings and Custom-Made Commissioned Art.

I love receiving feedback from my clients so please feel free to email me with your comments!



I recently commissioned a large custom painting from Judi. This is exactly what I needed for this empty living room wall. I had never commissioned any artwork before, but the process was very easy and I now have the perfect piece of artwork that brings me joy every time I look at it. I couldn't be more pleased!

— Janet Corbin-Shyer, Interior Designer



I often have clients who have a very specific mood and atomosphere they are trying to create and finding the right artwork is not always easy.  I'm so happy with the work of Judi Bagnato, who makes my job much easier!  Always surpasses client expectations.  

— Michael Sumpter, Interior Designer



I feel so lucky to be the owner of paintings by this talented artist. I kept looking for Christian decor but never found anything i liked until this.  I've arranged them so that anywhere I am in my home, I can get a glimpse of these beautiful paintings. I see something different each time I look at them, but they always seem soothing to me.

Marin Bibb, San Antonio, TX


After moving into our new home and hanging our artwork we realized that nothing on the walls seemed right. A friend referred us to Judi Bagnato art and we knew we found the perfect pieces. They each made the statement we were looking for and provide the perfect mood. We purchased three of Judi's paintings and they have transformed the rooms. We've already picked out the painting we plan on buying for our bedroom.

Brianna D’Agostino, Billings, MT



I was planning on ordering a custom commissioned painting, but found a large abstract painting that was just PERFECT for my living room so I was able to get it immediately.  It looks even better than I expected. You asked me to let you know how it worked out, so I just wanted to let you know how much we absolutely love this art. Thank you, thank you!

-Neve Sully, Naples, FLA


When I gave a custom painting to my mother-in-law for a birthday gift, she literally told me "This is the best thing I have ever received in my entire life!"  Thank you, thank you, Judi for giving her this blessing!

Jessalyn Schram, Juneau, AK


I wanted something "inspirational" for my bedroom, but not typical Christian wall decor.  The painting I chose provided the perfect balance.  To look at it, it's a beautiful painting that looks great on my wall, but I know it has a deeper meaning and that gave me just what I was looking for. Love it.  -Cecilia Mott, Anthem, AZ












My daughter surprised me with an original  by Judi Bagnato and it is by far the best gift I have ever received! Not a day goes by that I don't appreciate this beautiful painting.

— Lena Glover, Scottsdale, AZ



I knew I wanted artwork that was more meaingful than just something to match the sofa and I was overjoyed when I saw an original painting at a friend's house. I had been searching for Christian wall decor for a while but never found anything I liked, but this painting Is something that I know we will treasure forver. And it looks so beautiful on my wall!

Madison Delaine, Paradise Valley, AZ