A Custom Work of Art Just For You

You know what you love when you see it but you haven’t found the artwork that works perfectly for you? Maybe there is an idea or scripture that is personal to you, or you are looking for a particular size to fit your wall, or just the right colors… and you haven’t found all those things in one painting.

Whatever the reason, I’m here to make sure you can feel confident in your choice and to make it an enjoyable process. I love the opportunity to create special custom artwork for collectors, interior designers, architects and art consultants.

A commissioned painting is an opportunity to have a one of a kind, unique piece of art work customized to your own vision and requirements. 

If there is a painting from my collection that you love, but it has sold and is no longer available, or if there are multiple abstract paintings that you love and would like to draw out different elements that work for you, then a commissioned custom made painting is for you.  Each commission is a totally unique piece created especially for the client…and that’s the joy of custom art …it is created specifically for you and your space.



    1. You email me about your ideas and inspiration, including the size, the colors you want.  And what you don’t want.  What mood you want to create and what the interior space is like where you will be hanging the art. Looking for one painting or to commission several works? Browse through my images and choose one or two of my paintings which you like best and tell me what you like about them. 
       I’m happy to work with a color scheme and if color matching is important for you, please supply me with swatches, color info.  I’ve worked with interior designers who give me an exact paint brand with colors to match a project and I’ve worked with collectors who just say “use whatever colors you feel”.  You get to choose.  I often am asked to incorporate specific quotes or prayers or scripture or other meaningful text into the painting. Just provide exactly as you want the words to read. After you’ve sent me the details, let me know the best time for a phone chat and that's when we’ll make sure we both understand all the details and expectations.
    2. After we’ve discussed the details I send a Commission Agreement. A non-refundable payment of 50% is required and the final 50% is due in full before delivery of the artwork.
    3. Once the painting is near completion, I will send photos/videos of different angles, and details for any feedback.  If necessary, I can make minor revisions, incorporating any suggestions . A commission takes between 3-6 weeks.
    4. Final photos will be sent for your approval.  When final payment for the painting is received, your painting will be professionally packed and shipped, fully insured.



Custom made Painting on Paper:  $1.50 per square inch.

Custom made on Canvas:  $2.50 per square inch.

Shipping not included. 


The minimum size for commissioned art is 20 x 20”. 


I’d love to speak with you about a commissioned piece of artwork. Please fill out the form below and provide me the following info in the "message" box: size of the painting, which one or two of my paintings resonate with you and any additional information I should consider such as colors to be used, mood you want to convey or where the painting will be hanging. Upon receipt of your email, I'll be in touch to schedule a time to speak further.