The Artist


I work intuitively and abstractly with the intention to respond to a connection to the Creator and evoke in my paintings an awareness and appreciation for God's presence, His miracles, and for the scripture which is often found in my paintings, sometimes obvious, sometimes obscured beneath layers.  My Christian mixed-media artwork and home decor provides an invitation to slow down…look more closely, observe details and this mindful connection can inspire us, and create a space in our home or workplace that can encourage our faith as well as soothe inspire, and restore.  

I create these paintings not for just home decor or to match the vision if for these scripturally inspired paintings to reflect the magnificent love of our amazing living God. Often inspired by God's visual beauty of nature, the Christian themed art I create does not seek just to depict a likeness or any image to be worshipped, but to point all people to Jesus, who is worthy of all our honor, glory and praise. 

My artwork reflects my personal faith and the desire to find meaning and a feeling of peace in a world full of uncertainties. I create contemporary mixed media paintings, looking for a quiet balance between expressive organic forms and abstraction, combining layers of intricate textures and elements and expressive brushwork to create a timeless yet contemporary look.  

Over the past 25 years, my paintings have been published and licensed both nationally and worldwide.  I feel so blessed that my paintings can be found hanging on the walls of seasoned art buyers and corporate collections as well as first-time art buyers.  Currently I am offering my original contemporary wall art directly to the consumer through this online gallery.         

commission original wall art from judi bagnato


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