Shoutout Arizona - Meet Judi Bagnato


Shoutout Arizona recently included me in the feature Reflecting on the Things That Made a Difference with the "city's rising stars".  We spoke about success, my career, my inspirations, my work with custom made art to interior designers, my faith based art and more. When asked to share more about my art career, here's some of what I said:

"We all react to art in unique ways, but I hope to create artwork that helps set a mood that can soothe, inspire, restore. I think now more than ever, we all need that in our living or work spaces. I’m especially excited by the reaction I’m getting from my faith based art. When I realized that hand-lettered bible verses and paintings of Jesus were the only faith based art widely offered, it occured to me there are people out there who may appreciate being inspired by the Word or want to see a visual reminder of their faith but still might want stylish, contemporary painting for their room, so it was the next logical step for me to create faith based art in my own style. As with all my paintings, this artwork reflects my personal faith and my response to a connection to the Creator. But these paintings are more directly inspired by particular scripture which sometimes is visible in the paintings, and sometimes is more subtle. I’m thrilled with the response I’ve gotten and will definitely be continuing to paint more faith based art. I’m also excited about my work with custom made paintings. I’m lucky to have worked with wonderful interior designers and other trade professionals , as well as with individuals and it’s so much fun to work with them to customize their paintings to fulfill their own vision for their space. "

Asked about factors which led to my success, I said:

"When I paint, I feel a sense of tranquility, openess and a kind of surrender to the process. Those are qualities that I personally value in my life in general, so I have always tried to bring quiet, and peace and beauty into a living or work space through my artwork. But, besides being authentic with the artwork itself, I also think being authentic is crucial to the running of the business side as well. My decisions for my career are based on whether or not something aligns with my vision and my truth. Part of authenticity is cultivating the courage to be open, to be imperfect and to live in the moment with the confidence to stay true to myself."

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